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This is a community where the intent is to help interested netizens cash in on the poker craze by being affiliates. The Poker boom is currently one of the fastest growing industries on the planet right now, with a market capitalization far into the billions of dollars. On a more microeconomic scale, the business model is still ripe for the small-time internet surfer who can recruit a few of his/her friends to play. Payment is usually a percentage of table rake, and it doesn't matter if the player recruited wins or not, so this is a sustainable model where everyone can win and have fun!

Rake share is usually 20-40% of a subaffiliate players contribution. So for example, if your friend plays at a full 10-seat table online where the return is 20% and the average rake per hand is $1, then per hand his share of the rake is 10 cents and your share is 2 cents. If he plays 10 hours a month, then with the average hand in online poker being dealt in a minute, that's 600 hands x .02 = $12 for the month.

This is a VERY conservative estimate. More serious players oftem play far more than 10 hours a month with a normal schedule, and table rakes can go up to $3. The share is also higher with less than 10 players. So with 40 hours a month at $3/rake, the total would be 40x60x3x.1x.2=$144!

Prior to May, 2005, i only had one paid affilaite under me on Partypoker, and over the course of a year, my monthly income with this user ranged from a low of $8 to a high of $150! (Average seems to be about $40).

Another conservative estimate is the 20% pay rate. Many sites eclipse 30% for starting members, and most have higher percentages for their more active recruiters. A nice incentive. Payback of 40% or higher are seen at several sites.

Even better, currently about 10 known poker sites also pay 2 or 3 levels down. These are the sites I will promote here, because these are the most lucrative. You can recruit people below you to be webmasters or recruiters in their own right and get anywhere from 1 to 10% of the rake gross generated.

With minimal work, each member here should quickly make some pocket change a month, and with good hard entrepreneurship, a solid long-term income may be realized.

How this site works:

Basically, I post some sites to start with. You join them. The rest of the traffic here will be an open discussion on helping to get each member's poker portfolio properly promoted. Please be constructive. No flame wars, nasty remarks or unreasonable overly critical naysaying will be tolerated.


-Rich rev69
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