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Greetings Poker friends, it's been way too long, but I had a lot of personal stuff in my life in the past couple of years. Now that things are a bit settled, I can devote more time to these programs, and none too soon. There are plenty new programs out there and incentives, and poker is still a hot growth industry.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will rotate in some of the best programs, either in terms of returns or in terms of size and stability. For example, PokerChamps has a lucrative percentage payback and multilevel structure (perfect for recruiting webmasters under you), whereas partypoker and pokerstars may not be the best payback, but they are the two largest or most well known programs, hence it is likely that if poker were to ever die out on the internet centuries from now, these two would be among the last to go.

If you haven't please look at the entire history of my entries in this group- all from last year. The programs should still be good and all previous ones are multilevel.

Later tonight, I will post partypoker and pokerstars. PartyPoker pays two levels and PokerStars pays only one. Pokerstars also only pays cash up front for real money players, but if you can sign up a few dozen people in a month, it's a couple of grand. Not too bad. PartyPoker has both % paybacks as well as extra cash incentives for hitting a number of new signups each month.

If you ever did the pay-to-surf or pay to read email programs, you will find these operate on similar principles, but pay off far better and for a longer period of time (since win or lose, the bottom of your network still has an enjoyable product).

Stay tuned... I WILL return later....

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